International Match Safe Association

The International Match Safe Association was founded in 1998. IMSA is dedicated to collecting and preserving match safes and further matching safe research and education. It has published several match-safe books and anticipates others in the future. Active members can purchase these books at a discount.

  • IMSA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit association established to promote the preservation, education, and study of match safes.
  • Membership ranges from novice collectors to some of the world's premier collectors, authors, dealers, and specialists. IMSA attracts and maintains a broad worldwide membership.
  • IMSA publishes a newsletter with articles, price trends, reproduction information, classified ads, and much more. Classified ads are free to members and provide a great way to buy and sell items.
  • IMSA holds conventions with informative presentations, buy-sell-trade opportunities, Show & Tell, and social activities. Conventions are held in varying locations in the U.S. and UK. These gatherings are a great place to network and meet collectors and dealers of similar interests. Also, members are allowed to see a vast array of match safes.
  • Click here for direct access to the International Match Safe Associations website.